BSFI Sector in Emerging Market Place is facing new challenges.

BSFI Sector in Emerging Market Place is facing new challenges. TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES has wide assortment and variety vertical focus solutions, TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Products & Services enable BSFI client achieve Business Goals and Succeed amidst the fiercest competition.

One of our Important Offerings is in the BSFI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) domain, which is the evolving model in the contemporary context.

Indeed, Banks are relooking at current Strategies, re-evaluating the business models and reinvesting in building efficiencies in system and process. While internal challenges are vast, the external world is changing shape as well with the regulations; tighter compliance, closer watch and higher intervention by government bodies are forcing the banks to be nimble, yet robust.

The Contemporary Business Environment is featured by competition, change and globalization, which is why, it’s required if banks to be agile and prompt to the demands of customers, changing business scenario and changing government regulations. Indeed, it’s Time to be Best of Breed.

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Specialized Offerings

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group’s BSFI offerings Include the Following:

  • Spend Categorization & Planning
  • Better Spend Analysis
  • PO Based Procurement leading to better tracking & Compliance
  • Continuous Spend Monitoring and Optimization
  • Payment Automation
  • Supplier Enablement & Improved Collaborations through Online Negotiation tools and supplier collaboration module.
  • Bringing together Disparate Spend Categories, Business Units, People & Systems.

Business Values

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES Group’s Solution for the BSFI Industry enables the following:

  • Automation of Regulatory Reporting
  • Bank-Wide Performance Management
  • Efficient Loan Management
  • Streamlined Payment Realization
  • Reconciliation across Multiple Systems
  • Automated Banking Documentation
  • Optimized Expenses
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction