Online Auction Solutions

Take your online auction a notch higher with customizable solutions leveraged by TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES.

TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES understands the evolving role of internet in the shopping escapades of consumers and thus renders functional suite of online auction solutions.

The online auction industry has witnessed rapid growth over the years, leaving behind all other retail sectors. As of 2012, the annual growth recorded by this segment is 10.4%, accounting for revenue of $219bn. With Internet becoming the most preferable technological inception, consumers prefer purchasing products online. Furthermore, the introduction of payment systems like PayPal has made online buying more simplistic and secure, aiding auctioneers to lure tech-savvy consumers and retain consumers for long timeframes.

Challenges & Opportunities

Over the years, Internet has evolved as the biggest marketplace catering to diversified shopping and auctioning needs. Putting auction online gets your business more bidders. Furthermore, executing and planning an online auction requires comparatively less effort and time investment. TOOSER TECHNOLOGIES consultants comprehend the role of online auctions in elevating your bottom line, thus crafting solutions that can augment a stand-alone event or a live auction. Our online auction solutions enable businesses to connect and collaborate, so that they can render better services to their niche market, regional auction websites or charity. With the advancement of time, however, businesses are facing numerous challenges to maintain secure online auction sites, while catering to the changing needs of consumers.

Malicious Technology: Software technology is the driving force of online auctions. Customized solutions devised to empower auctioning websites are tested and evaluated regularly, to ensure elimination of every possible malware and threats. Malicious software not only harms the consumer's system but also tarnishes auctioneers reputation.

Privacy Protection: As consumers shop online, identity protection is a prime concern. Use of online auction sites and payment gateways requires sharing of sensitive information about the consumer and protecting this information becomes a challenge, especially in the age of online hacking and malicious software. Auction sites need to be sensitized for protecting consumer identity and leveraging high-grade privacy.

Traditional Methodology: Age old methodologies in development on online auction solutions; make the entire slow and stagnant. The challenge is to integrate modern day technical tools into traditional business models to render innovative yet functional online auction stores.